Millers Oils

Millers Oils

From the past towards the future

Millers Oils is one of the few manufacturers that offers a complete range of high quality 100% mineral, semi-synthetic and synthetic lubricants for petrol engines, gears and fuel additives, developed specifically for vintage cars and motorcycles. The advantages of the products in the “Millers Classic” range stem from advanced technologies in the field of lubricants together with the knowledge accumulated in over 100 years of motoring history.

Since 1887, Millers Oils has been researching, developing and manufacturing special lubricants that not only revive the original viscosity found in oils of the past thanks to the mineral component, but also guarantee maximum protection, actively extending the life and performance of your valuable vehicles.

Only the experience of those who started producing lubricants when cars were first invented can provide the best products for the protection of your vintage cars and motorcycles today.

  • ZDDP (zincdialkyldithiophosphate): The anti-wear additive, essential for the durability of vintage engines.
  • A classic problem that is increasingly common There are more and more frequent and numerous cases of excessive wear of the internal parts of vintage engines. The problem is caused by the progressive reduction or total lack of the ZDDP additive in modern lubricants, occurring since current engines are made with new materials.
  • The solution with Millers Oils lubricants Millers Oils are formulated in such a way as to include the optimal amount of ZDDP to ensure the best protection of the engine parts of vintage vehicles, providing significant protection from wear, in both high performance and older engines.

Innovative fuel additives for engine protection

From Millers Oils the only special additive against the damage caused by the ethanol contained in petrol today.

The absence of lead in modern petrol and the increasingly frequent introduction of Ethanol can cause serious corrosion problems in many vintage vehicles, from the valve seats if still original, to the entire fuel system.

Ethanol attacks the rubber parts, such as ducts and gaskets in the fuel system, and the Bronze and Zinc metal parts. It also attracts water particles and this promotes corrosion, as well as making it more difficult to start the engine.

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